About us

Komposittplank AS is a small family-run company based in Vestfold, Norway. Since the establishment in 2007, the founder, Geir Hestvik, has developed an innovative production technology to produce flat panels, made out of glass-fibre and polyester. The panels are made through a method done on a continuous process production line. The technology is innovative and patentable.

The focus for Komposittplank AS, up until spring 2016, has been to complete the prototype production-line simultaneously with manually making proto-type products such as panels targeted for the scaffolding industry.

Our vision for the future of Komposittplank AS entails production of a variety of different products. The products are likely to have a wide spectre of areas of usage, and possible markets can be anything from scaffolding industry to flowerbeds and fences in public or private gardens. In addition, we are also currently testing the insulation properties of the panels for both temperature- and sound- insulation.